How to plan a 2 year old’s birthday party and not go crazy (for the most part)

Yay! Your little tot finally made it to two! Congrats mama! Unlike his first birthday, your toddler is more aware of his surroundings, a lot more sociable and is also more in tune with what he likes or doesn’t like, which makes the “hustle” of planning a party much more exciting and worth it.

We celebrated my son’s birthday over this last weekend and I am proud to say he had a really good time, maybe too good even and the best part is I wasn’t as tired or as stressed out as I normally would be. So today I want to share these helpful tips that made sure my little guy had the best time and that I didn’t lose my mind coz you know, two year olds are crazy.

  1. Stick to your toddler’s schedule: This means nap time, snack time and everything in between should be adhered to just to avoid any tantrums and crankiness. So plan the party and all activities around his schedule. You will have a much happier guest of honor.
  2. Mind the catering: Regardless of who will be attending your party, make sure you have kid friendly options and that there is something your child already loves.
  3. Spend time with the birthday boy/girl: Kids are really simple creatures. We can shower them with a million gifts and throw a big party for them but if at the end of the day we have not given them our attention, they won’t be satisfied . So plan ahead and make sure you have as little as possible to do the day of the party so you have plenty of energy and time to lavish all your attention on him or her. It’s his special day, let him feel how loved he is.
  4. Keep the entertainment interactive versus intellectual: Granted your child is smart, but most toddlers don’t have a very good attention span, so they will get bored with intellectual games. Instead make sure there’s a lot of engaging and interactive games/activities available like dancing and face painting or even have a bounce house (best way to keep your tot entertained when you need some adult interaction.)
  5. Keep it small and intimate: Try not to invite too many people and also make sure that there are a lot of familiar faces so that your child doesn’t get overwhelmed. It’s nice to teach our children manners and have them say hello to people but try not to put pressure on them to socialize if you notice it is distressing them. Give them a chance to acclimate on their own.
  6. Supervise play time: At any given time, make sure you have at least two adults supervising the kids just so there are no accidents and also to quickly diffuse tantrums over a toy, to make sure every one gets a turn and to make sure the kids are generally doing okay. You don’t want to end up in the emergency room on your child’s birthday or be stuck with a bunch of toddlers wailing.
  7. Be gentle but firm; All good things must come to an end. When it’s time to close the party and go home , make sure to communicate this to your toddler gently but firmly so that you don’t have an over tired child on your hands after having such a good time. I made the mistake of letting him play longer than he should and suffice it to say I had a really tired and cranky little boy to deal with. Also limit the sweets especially towards winding up or dinner time. Trust me, you don’t want a sugar-high two year old on your hands, you really don’t.

That said, I hope these tips really come in handy when planning your toddler’s birthday party. Happy planning!

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