Style Tips: How to buy the perfect pair of Jeans

A good pair of jeans is a classic staple in any girl’s wardrobe. I mean what’s not to love? They are comfy, stylish and never go out of style. It can be frustrating when you can’t seem to find a pair that flatters you especially because jeans can be expensive. So before you buy your next pair of jeans, check out these tips and hopefully you will be coming back home with a purchase you are absolutely happy with and living your best life in a gorgeous pair of jeans.

  1. Pay attention to your body type. We come in all glorious shapes and sizes. With the right pair of jeans for your body type, you can feel beautiful and confident. Unfortunately, the reverse is true. So to make sure you get the most out of your jeans, check out this article from Instyle on how to find the best jeans for your body type.
  2. Dark wash vs Light wash jeans. Be strategic when it comes to choosing a dark wash or light wash pair of jeans. This is because dark wash jeans appear to slim down while light wash jeans tend to make one look bigger. That’s not to say that light wash jeans are not a good buy. However, you do need to consider what look you are going for and what parts of your body you want to highlight or minimize when deciding whether to go with a dark or light wash pair of jeans. Also be mindful of dark wash jeans that have patches of lighter color on them (for example on the butt area or down the thighs) as they may be unflattering to your overall look.
  3. Old school is better. I like how vintage/retro jeans (like the ones my mom used to wear back in the 80’s) have a zipper that runs all the way to the crotch. You can still find jeans like that now but it is admittedly a little harder. You will notice that jeans today have a considerable amount of space between the zipper and the crotch which makes for a very unflattering look. To avoid camel toe and to create the appearance of a longer body shape and flatter tummy, look for a pair of jeans that has a zipper that runs all the way down to the crotch area.
  4. Say good bye to a saggy butt. One of the neatest things about a good pair of jeans is how well it can lift your but and give it that “you but better” look. If you already have some booty go for jeans with smaller pockets that are higher up and closer to each other. Look at the jeans before you try them on and visualize where your butt crease would sit in relation to the positioning of the pockets. You want a pair of jeans that has a good amount of space between where your butt crease will be and the pockets for a nice plump and juicy butt. Pockets that are wide apart will make your butt look saggy. On the other hand if you have a flat butt, larger pockets with more coverage to enhance your butt would be ideal.
  5. The neck test. This one is an old trick that definitely saves you time and the trouble of putting on a pair of jeans only to be disappointed with the fit. Button up the jeans and put the waist around your neck. If there is extra fabric left after fitting it round your neck, then you know it will be a loose fit around your neck. On the other hand if it is tight around your neck, then you know you are looking at a possible muffin top. The waist of your jeans should not be too snug or too loose for that perfect fit. If you put a pair of jeans around your neck and it doesn’t fit perfectly, toss ’em and move on. They are not worth your time or money.

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