The girl with a beautiful voice

“Every time you open up your mouth, diamonds come rolling out.”

From the song “It ain’t yours to throw away” by Sam Palladio Ft Clare Bowen

At some point in my life I got it in my head that what others had to say was important and that somehow my feelings, opinions or thoughts were irrelevant and somehow lesser than everyone else’s. The more I believed it, the quieter I got and it didn’t help matters that I was naturally soft spoken. I just sunk deeper into the background. Then I found music and suddenly I had this outlet through which I could express myself with abandon. Looking back, I don’t even know where the lyrics came from but clearly they expressed words I buried deep in my subconscious. It was cathartic and a lot like running through a large field of daisies. People praised my music and I loved it, but just as quickly as the high had come, I was quickly left deflated. What do I say now? Will it be as good as the others? Will they like it? Suddenly what I had to say wasn’t good enough and I couldn’t write anymore. The deep seated belief that I just didn’t have anything of value to bring to the table crippled not only my music but also every other aspect of my life, work, relationships and career development. Today, my outlook is a little different. I still struggle from time to time with old baggage and voices of doubt but I know that I don’t want to stay silent anymore. God gave me a voice and I am going to use it.

You have a beautiful voice. Let the world hear it.

I want to share this beautiful poem by Erin Hanson (the poetic underground) You have probably seen her poems all over social media sites, usually signed “e.h”. Enjoy and be inspired!

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Have an awesome week!

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