The reason you may be unfulfilled and what you can do about it.

“The idea is not to live forever but to create something that will.”

Andy Warhol

You have a grand vision; you have set goals, so what? Or maybe you are successful, and have everything you could ever want. Are you happy?  Are you satisfied?

It is not enough to have a vision and life goals. Rather, it’s important to paint a picture of your vision and ask yourself how your vision feeds into the bigger picture. Look at the vision for your life and really ask yourself the motivation behind that vision. Examine your true motives because, that is what is going to drive you to follow your vision and it is what will enable you to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Have you ever wondered why people that look like they have everything they could ever want are some of the saddest and most miserable people in the world? I think it’s because, all these things we get, millions of followers on social media, wealth, enviable closet, the big house; are transient and without any real purpose for wanting the things we want or work so hard for, life becomes meaningless. The fact is it is awesome to have all these things. Unfortunately, you quickly discover that the happiness or feeling of accomplishment they bring doesn’t last very long because as human beings we are always in need of purpose and in search of meaning.

I was in church yesterday and our pastor said something that I found to be quite profound. He said, “If you live your life and fail to leave an impact, no matter how much you accomplish, you haven’t really lived. You have just existed.”

He got me thinking, wow, I want to live not just exist. I want to live a life with meaning, purpose and impact. Daunting as it might be, I want to live a life that is bigger than me.

So, have a vision. It is absolutely important, but don’t just make plans and set goals just for the sake of it. Think bigger, think about your legacy because long after you’re gone that’s all that will be left and having something bigger to aspire to, makes our lives more meaningful and exciting.

If you are at a point in your life where you just don’t know what you are doing, or why you are doing those things anymore, or maybe you have everything you want and still feel unfulfilled and unhappy, it’s probably time for you to re-examine what you envisioned for your life and the reasons behind it. If they are shallow and surface, perhaps you need to dig deeper.

I leave you with a little food for thought. Does your vision and the pursuit of it make you a better person? How does your vision contribute to leaving this world a little better than you found it? Hopefully the answer to these questions can help you live a rich and fulfilling life.

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Have a great week!

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