My Anti Bucket List: 10 things I hope to never do /experience in life

I love bucket lists and how they bring to the surface, your innermost desires, hopes and dreams. They help you live your best life. However, what if we also took the time to consider the things we hope to never do, experience or repeat in our lives? It stands to reason, that knowing these things can also give us insight on how to live our very best life where possible.  So I’m sharing my anti-bucket list with you today. This list is by no means exhaustive, but for me it is a start. So here goes:

  1. Eat Chili. Let’s just say chili and my stomach are just not meant to be.
  2. Ask a Muslim butcher if he happens to sell pork. I saw someone do this once and it did not go down well at all! That’s a pretty insensitive thing to ask a Muslim even if he is a butcher. In his defense though, he probably didn’t know he was Muslim, but in Uganda, most butchers are Muslim. I’d rather err on the side of caution.
  3. Join politics. No thanks. Too messy. Too much intrigue. My psyche just can’t handle it.
  4. Torture. I am afraid I would give up everything the minute it started. That’s how low my threshold for pain is.
  5. Go to prison or get arrested. In Uganda, this would truly be a nightmare!
  6. Burn alive. No one deserves to feel that level pain or go through something like that. I have seen burn survivors, and it’s so hard to watch how much pain they go through.
  7. Be separated from my family for more than two weeks, at the most a month. I am big on family and it is my biggest priority and motivator in life. I don’t even want to think of life without them.
  8. Divorce. Emotionally and financially gut wrenching. Yeah, absolutely not!
  9. Give up on my dreams. I sincerely hope my dream will always be bigger than my fears no matter what.
  10. Lose my faith in God. He is my anchor in a world that sometimes feels empty and meaningless. I would literally be lost if I couldn’t believe in God or trust Him anymore.

What would you put on your anti-bucket list? Let me know in the comment section below.

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