Strategic Planning Tips every Girl Boss Needs to know

If you are a girl boss or an aspiring girl boss , you understand how important your job or your business is to you and no doubt we all want to do well and take over the world. The truth is, you may have all these awesome ideas and plans of how you are going to succeed at what you do but good intentions do not make things happen. In stead, deliberate and well calculated steps need to be taken for your goals to come to fruition. I am the girl who always preferred to live day to day without planning in the name of spontaneity. However I now see the value in anticipating changes and challenges in what I do and planning for them. I see the error in having only short term objectives as opposed to working towards clear long term goals. If you want to plan like a winner in 2019, read on!

  • Decide on your team

Or don’t if it is unnecessary. However I have found that it is very rare that you will be good at everything. You need to build a strong team to help you plan and achieve your dreams. Choose team members for their range of skills. If someone else can do a particular task better than you, let them. You will get a lot more done than if you try to be a jack of all trades.

  • Share your vision with your team

If you choose to have a team, let them know where you would like to be and what you would like to achieve in the next say, five years. It could be something as small as a logo. Communicate every important detail to your team. As the vision bearer and strategic manager, it is your job to make sure everyone understands your vision, what’s at stake and all the strategic steps they need to take to achieve success. Your vision should become their vision. Help them develop a sense of ownership by building team unity and morale. A team that believes in your dream will be more motivated to make it a reality.

  • Seek an external perspective

Whether or not you choose to have a team, it is always important to have an outsider review your strategy. A fresh unbiased perspective from an outsider might be just what your business or idea needs to go to the next level. It will also help keep you and your team laser focused as there are things neither you nor your team may have paid attention to.

  • Analyze your situation

Before you think about the future you need to have an honest and realistic look at right now. How far have you come and how much remains to be done. Study every single facet of your present situation to help guide what strategies you need to adopt in order to achieve your dream. For example, how does your brand compare to others in the same field? What has worked and what hasn’t? What is your bottom line? What do you have to offer? Who are your customers?

  • Plan your approach

Decide how long you need to develop your strategy. Make sure you and your team members can commit the necessary time and resources to your respective tasks. Decide on and communicate the process for making the strategy. Plan brain storming meetings to get ideas on the most effective approaches and set a deadline for the completion of the strategy to avoid stalling and to keep the ball rolling.

  • Carry out a SWOT analysis

Evaluate your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This will help you figure out what you can do to strengthen the weak areas, capitalize more on your strengths for your benefit and anticipate and plan for potential threats.

  • Set objectives

No strategy is complete without well thought out short and long term objectives.  They are the pillars of whatever strategy you devise. Make sure your objectives are measurable to evaluate progress/success, challenging to avoid complacency and achievable to keep you motivated. Also where you have a team or colleagues, discuss your objectives with them to ensure their support and contribution.

  • Develop a work plan

Now that you have your objectives in place, determine how you will achieve your overall goal. Look at budgeting requirements, time needed and create a work plan with a timetable of activities that need to be carried out to achieve your goal. If you have a team, discuss and brainstorm on ideas on how to plan your calendar. Encourage everyone’s participation. Don’t dismiss anyone’s idea, it can always be made better.

  • Implement

Do not let your hard work go to waste. Results will only come from actually implementing your well thought out strategy. Assign yourself and your colleagues tasks, measure your progress and periodically revise objectives.

  • Look back

At the end of every quarter and at the end of each year, look back on how far you have come, what you have achieved and what needs to be done in the next quarter or year. This is also a good time to make sure everyone is on the same page and that things are going according to plan. Doing this helps you enter the new year or new quarter better prepared and informed of what works, what doesn’t and where you need to focus more energy.

I hope these tips help you achieve amazing things this year and help you live your best life.

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Have an awesome week!

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