When it comes to fashion and style, there’s always something new and fresh popping up, every season, every year. With all the options out there, it can be very frustrating to pick and choose a style aesthetic and keep up with every emerging trend.

Fact; there’s always going to be a cute purse, shoe or top you will want to purchase. That said it helps and it is more practical to have or purchase certain items that are going to be staples in your wardrobe for years to come and will give you bang for your buck no matter the season or what new trends come up. With the right staples you can accessorize, mix and match with trendy pieces and completely re-imagine old pieces to make a completely new outfit and maybe just maybe you won’t have to say things like, “I have nothing to wear!” So as we gear up to end the year, consider adding these year-round pieces to your wardrobe on your next shopping trip.

  1. White sneakers


White sneakers give you this urban cool It girl vibe and I just love how you can wear them with almost anything from casual dresses to your everyday jeans. I’ve even seen girls wear these with suits. They look so cool and unaffected by life’s problems. I want to be those girls!

2. Flats


 The simpler, the better. This is probably going to be your most worn shoe by virtue of how versatile it is. You can wear these to work, run errands or to your weekend activities. A pointy toe flat is very flattering and will make your feet look slimmer. You can also opt for flat mules which you can pair with a midi skirt or cropped pants at work and boyfriend jeans or leggings on the weekend.



Go for a classic black pair. These are the perfect addition to any wardrobe because you could wear them to work, to drinks after work and everything in between. For longer and leaner legs opt for a pointed toe pair of pumps. Currently I’m obsessing over block heel pumps.

4. Body Suit

 If you can, get these in white, neutral and black because they are that awesome (except for when you have to go to the bathroom). But I do love that you can wear these with a skirt, joggers, jeans and dress them up or down. They are like the sister to the white tee.

5. White Tee


For me, a great classic go to look is a crisp white T-shirt and jeans situation. However, that’s not all a white tee is good for. It’s great for layering, can be worn anytime of the year with anything and is a great counterpoint to statement pieces with prints, graphics and colour.

6. Button Up shirt


 This is probably my favorite staple just because it can look so professional and so effortlessly sophisticated or casual depending  on what aesthetic you are going for. These are available in a myriad of colours, prints and patterns but I am partial to white because I think it looks so fresh and crisp and is more versatile. Consider buying a button down in a more luxurious material for an even more polished look like viscose or silk.

7. Dark wash skinny Jeans


Jeans are not going anywhere. Dark wash skinny jeans especially are the real deal if you’re looking for denim and a style you can wear months and years down the road. Dress them down or up depending on where you need to go and you are golden. Just be mindful of where on your waist you want your jeans to sit ; i.e the rise of the jeans (Low rise/mid rise/high rise) and get your measurements right. The great thing with skinny jeans is anyone can wear them. Its just about being aware of your body shape. Despite their name, skinny jeans aren’t just for skinny girls. They are named for the fact that they are slimmest at the ankles in comparison to all the other jean styles. So as long as you have the right measurements and they are sitting at the right place on your waist they will be one of the most flattering pieces of clothing you could ever own.

8. Black Pants


These are probably the one item you will reach for more than any of all the other pieces because you will be amazed at just how easy it is to pair them  with virtually anything else you own. It does not really matter which style you choose. Pick what works for you.

9. Knee length skirt


Whether it’s a business meeting, or a casual outing the knee length skirt is your trusty mate. Best believe she will not let you down.

10. Wrap  Dress


The ultimate feminine, universal dress. This dress is flattering on EVERY body type. You legit can’t go wrong with this piece in your wardrobe.

11. Leather Jacket


Sometimes I will wear an outfit and it looks alright. Then I’ll throw on a leather jacket and BAM!!! Instant fashionista. The Leather jacket or faux leather jacket is that perfect item to give structure to your outfit and give you that put together effortless look. The best part is, like any good staple, it can be worn with anything, casual or a little fancier.

12. Little Black Dress

We save the ubiquitous LBD for last. No list would be complete without this style essential and with good reason. When it comes to LBD’s it really boils down to preference and personal style but a good reference point when making a purchase, is to make sure it is simple, elegant, can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, with a semi-modest length for day or night time transitions. Also important to consider before you buy your LBD is to know your body shape and pick a style depending on your shape.The LBD is like your fairy god-mother. She  will save you on days you feel like you have nothing to wear.

Finally, when it comes to wardrobe staples,

a. It is best to stick to neutrals (blacks, greys, tans, browns, whites and some pastels) as it is easier to incorporate your newer and trendier pieces with a neutral base as opposed to a mix of colour, pattern and prints.

b. Do not be afraid to invest a little more in these pieces to ensure you get the best quality. The better the quality, the longer they will last and it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Let me know in the comment section below what your favorite style essentials are:)

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