When I was pregnant, I had a mood board and a collection of looks I was going to try post baby. I had my work out routine down pat and I used to tell my husband that my post baby bod was going to be better than my pre-baby bod.  (Lol…should I just eat my words?). Get it? Fast forward to 15 months after my son’s birth and still I haven’t tried out half the looks I had in mind and whereas I have shed some pounds, I haven’t lost all the pregnancy weight (I know it’s hard but try not to judge OK?!?) On the other hand, I have learnt to take time out for myself and make sure I do my best to look put together and stylish for the most part despite all that.

I was supposed to share those tips and tricks today on the blog. However after yesterday I just didn’t feel like writing about being put together. I’ll save that for another day.

So what happened?  Yesterday I found myself at the hospital wearing dirty jeans and a top which in the house looked cute but was just raggedy in broad day light and to make matters worse my toe nail polish was chipped (not a cute look at all) and my hair and nails gave away the fact that I haven’t been to the salon in weeks. Normally during the week I won’t wear any make up and if I do, it will be very minimal. I’ll just slap on some powder, highlighter and a lip gloss. Luckily on this particular day I had taken the time to actually beat my face. I promise you it was the only thing that stopped those ladies at the reception from rolling their eyes at me.

Usually if I walked around looking like that,  I would be so embarrassed and uncomfortable and sure enough as soon as I got to the hospital and looked down at my jeans, Lord was I mortified. I wanted to just get back in the car, drive home and change. However, I had my burning toddler in my arms and all self-consciousness concerning my appearance honestly just disappeared. I suddenly didn’t care. All I cared about in that moment and the moments leading up to that moment was my child’s well-being.

So the long and short of it is, I got home in a state , anxious to hold my sick son after receiving a call that he was burning up and throwing up. I thought of just taking him to the hospital wearing my cute office outfit, but I don’t know …I was in mommy mode (also read as warrior mode). I don’t know about you but when I’m in this state,I need to be comfortable. So like a good mommy I just threw on a pair of jeans and the “cute” top, took off my heels and rushed my son to the hospital.

At one point as I sat in the hospital’s waiting room I found myself musing at the odds of an ex- boyfriend walking out of one of the consultation rooms and what his reaction to me would be and vise versa. After some thought, I decided quite firmly “screw it. I’m a mother I don’t care. “I just shrugged my shoulders and said out loud, “bibaawo” (shit happens). This is not to say that just because I’m a mother I do not care about my appearance. On the contrary, I probably care way more than I should. It just means that realistically speaking I’m not always going to walk out of the house looking 1000 percent. It means that sometimes I won’t feel like or even have the time to have a full face of make up on. It means that sometimes I might wear a shirt that’s turned inside out by accident. It means that sometimes I won’t change my hair or nails as often as I’d like to because I just don’t have the time to or I would rather spend that time and money with and on my family. It means that sometimes I may run into someone I know and they might be taken aback my appearance (yes some days are that bad). It means that sometimes I’m not cute and that’s just fine. I’ve made peace with that.

The fact is, sometimes life gets in the way of your slaying plans because sometimes there are things that literally matter more than your appearance. Try not to take it too seriously and laugh at yourself. Tomorrow is another day for you to slay!

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